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Cabinet Refinishing Services Increases the Marketability of Cabinets

Cabinet Refinishing isn’t just for new cabinets installed in your kitchen. Refinishing old cabinets and replacing door fronts and drawer fronts can quickly bring the appearance and texture of your entire kitchen back to life, making them feel and look new again. Cabinet refacing involves sanding down both the interior and exterior surfaces of your cabinets to remove the previous coating and enhance the new adhesive that will hold it in place.

Before you even start on your cabinet refinishing project, you need to prepare the surface that will be refaced. This is most important for kitchen cabinet doors because this is where the paint will come into contact with while it cures. A dull or stained surface will not result in a good paint job. You should use a compound that is designed for cabinetry surfaces to help get the surface nice and smooth.

Once you have an idea of what condition your cabinets are in you can go about the process of cabinet refinishing. If you’re planning on a complete kitchen renovation, then cabinet refacing is a smart choice to make over the long haul. Refacing saves money in the long run because it doesn’t have to be redone for every few years. It’s also less labor intensive because the process is shorter than other renovations like a complete kitchen renovation. If you’re simply doing some touch ups here and there throughout the year, it’s recommended that you hire a contractor to handle the job.

If you’re planning on just refacing a few cabinets or if you’re planning a complete kitchen renovation, then cabinet refinishing may not be high on your list of priorities. If you’re considering a complete overhaul on your kitchen then you should definitely consider cabinet refacing. Even if you choose to remodel your entire kitchen and change everything from the cabinets to the floors, lighting, countertops, and appliances, a fresh coat of paint can make a big difference. Not only does it give your room a whole new look but it also makes it easier to clean and keep organized. The same is true if you’re just doing a few touch ups here and there throughout the year.

One thing that you should remember when doing cabinet refinishing is that there are two types of finishes that you can use for the project. The first is a clear coat which makes the wood look brand new and completely clean. This is achieved by painting over the existing finish with a chemical-based product. The second type is a wood stain that actually bonds with the existing finish. This creates a richer, more natural look that is much easier to clean and maintain.

Whether you decide to do cabinet refinishing services for existing cabinets or to completely replace them, you can find great deals on this type of work at Houston Cabinet & Hardwood Restoration the #1 cabinet refinishing service Houston, TX. Refinishing cabinets not only adds new life to an old room, but it also makes it look much less generic and gives it an attractive and modern appeal. Not only will it make your home look better, but it will save you a lot of money in the long run since refinishing cabinets can be much less expensive than purchasing new cabinets each year.