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A Guide to Finding the Best Mobile Detailing Services Near You

The mission statement of Palm Beach Car Detailing services is to offer quality, affordable services to their customers at competitive prices. “We believe that a customer should never have to pay more than once for something that is just as good (or better) than what they are paying retail price for.” says Steve Manley, Owner/operator.

Palm Beach Car Detailing and Vehicle detailing in Palm Beach County, Florida is a competitive and growing business. “For years we have strived to offer superior customer service, comprehensive detailing and exceptional service to all our customers. In fact, for 13 years we have been the sole county premier mobile auto body shop.” Says Steve Manley, Owner/Operator.

Offering top-notch in-home cleaning and detailing, this small business has grown into one of the leading mobile auto body shops in the United States. “We have expanded from simply washing and waxing cars,” says Manley, “To offering full-service auto detailing and car service.” In addition to washing and waxing, they offer full LED alignment, exterior and paint work restoration, and even car service from their North Palm Beach facility. “We are committed to providing our customers with the best mobile car detailing in the Palm Beach area,” says Manley. “We will go the extra mile to give you the highest quality service with the most unique product offerings.”

This growth has meant larger profits for Manley and Co. “We have always considered customer service another priority,” he says. “Now we are seeing many more repeat customers.” He attributes this growth partly to the emergence of the best mobile car washes in the country. “When people realize that they can go to a small business with great product, friendly service and a fast turnaround time, they are likely to return more often,” he says.

According to the survey, the best mobile detailers near Palm Beach include: Gulf Coast Car Wash, Inc., located in Winter Springs, FL; St Louis Car Wash, MI; Super Cars of Broward, FL; Miami Car Care, FL; Auto Cavern, FL; and The Trade Name, FL. Of these, only the first two offer full-service car washing, detailing and paint repair services. According to the surveyors, the average rating for these businesses is B. “The best mobile detailers near Palm Beach should also offer the best in-home services,” says Manley.

Whether you are looking for a car wash or mobile detailing services, you need to consider where you are before choosing. If your house is on the close range to the harbor, you should seriously consider a house sitting scenario. This will ensure that you are closer to the boat docks and the surrounding areas. In addition to serving your car washing and detailing needs, you will also be able to spend time on the water, soaking up the sun, and perhaps strolling along the harbor when the tide is low. You can find the best car washes and mobile detailing services online at